Dalmo Mendonça

Location and Visa Status

Wellington, NZ – Permanent Resident


Senior Frontend Developer consistently delivering value. Full stack experience. Bachelor of Computer Engineering with strong background in Computer Science and extensive experience in developing diverse software projects.

Technical Skills

  • React & Next.js
  • TypeScript & JavaScript
  • Node.js, REST APIs, GraphQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Tailwind, CSS-in-JS
  • SQL, NoSQL, Postgres
  • AWS Serverless, Azure DevOps
  • Git goodness
  • Jest, Playwright, Cypress, Storybook

Professional Skills

  • Tech leadership and decision-making
  • Self-management in remote work
  • Autodidacticism & knowledge management
  • Genius problem-solving abilities
  • Delivers above and beyond the spec
  • Great communication among tech and non-tech people

Work Experience

Senior Web Developer

2022 – Present

The Co-operative Bank, Wellington – Everyday personal banking serving 175k+ customers.


Building an awesome Internet Banking experience for tens of thousands of daily users.

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Software Architecture

    Leading the rebuild of the Internet Banking platform in React from first principles.

  • Frontend Engineering

    Building reusable component frameworks to accelerate the development of new features.

  • Testing, Testing, Testing

    Unit testing with Jest; UI testing with Storybook; End-to-end testing with Playwright.

  • DevOps

    Writing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps and Octopus Deploy.

  • Force multiplying

    Routinely enabling coworkers to accelerare the output of the entire team.

  • Teamwork

    Skilled in agile methodologies and tools. Recruiting and interviewing.

Frontend Developer

2020 – 2022

while and for, Auckland – Design and development of software solutions.


Engineering web applications from the ground up. Providing maintenance and developing new features.

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Frontend Engineering

    Built delightful UX in React; Designed complex app architecture and routing with Next.js.

  • Full Stack Engineering

    AWS Lambda; Database design with PostgreSQL and Hasura; Integration with 3rd-party services.

  • Pixel-perfect

    Built modern, responsive and accessible UI from mock designs. TailwindCSS, styled-components and more.

  • Code Quality

    Improved the codebase by pushing for the adoption of Typescript and Cypress.

  • Remote Work

    As a remote-first company, communication efficiency and self management are key.

Web Developer

2018 – 2020

Virtua, Wellington – Website and App development for small businesses.


Running the business: sales, design, execution, maintenance and support.

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Deliver Value

    Understanding the client's desires, and using my expertise to give them the solutions they need.

  • Client Touch

    Implemented an efficient user feedback workflow using web annotations.

  • Autodidacticism

    Taught myself modern web development. From HTML and CSS to TypeScript and React.

Industrial Automation Engineer

2011 – 2017

Petrobras, Brazil – Brazil's biggest company with over 50k employees is also one of the world's top 10 Oil companies.


Developed Instrumentation and Automation projects for over 30 offshore oil platforms.

Demonstrated Skills:

  • Project Design and Development

    Developed dozens of industrial projects of all sizes and varying complexities.

  • Testing

    Completed over 20 Factory Acceptancy Tests, helping develop and improve test scenarios.

  • Technical Writing

    Wrote, reviewed and translated project documentation and equipment datasheet.

  • Teamwork and Communication

    Experienced in both small and big, multidisciplinary teams. Able to communicate clearly with multiple stakeholders such as plant operators, vendors, contractors, team leads and managers.

Software Development Intern

Apr-Jun 2011

PoP-RN, Brazil – Internet Service Provider for Brazilian Universities.


Developed a Linux script for sending alarm reports to network administrators as mobile text messages.


Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Engineering)

2006 – 2011

Major in Industrial Automation

Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN) – Natal, Brazil

Computer Engineering Exchange Student Scholarship

2009 – 2010

McMaster University – Hamilton, Canada

Additional Info

Programming Languages

C, C#, C++, Java, SML, OCaml, JavaScript, TypeScript, Verilog

Spoken Languages

English (Fluent), Portuguese (Native), Spanish (Intermediate)


Playing football, bass guitar and point-and-click video games

Visa Status (NZ)

Permanent Resident